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Belooky is your personal image consultantYou are not able to sort your wardrobe?Dressing in the morning is a hassle?You've got a job interview, but business dress code is a mystery to you?You have a date, but you don’t know which dress to choose?Belooky is here to help you!Belooky knows the colors that put you in value, those that illuminate your face and draw your silhouette.Belooky knows how to combine them properly, according to universal rules of harmony.Belooky is your shopping assistantYou want to buy a new dress? A coat? Some shoes? A pair of glasses? A necklace? A scarf ?Solicit Belooky! Belooky knows exactly what colors suit you best.In shop, you will immediately find the products that reveal your beauty among those you love. With your color palette, you will make good business at a glance !And if you are looking for the perfect trousers to wear with your favorite shirt, also ask for Belooky advice: remember Belooky knows how to combine colors together, so that your complete outfit is harmonious!
Belooky transform your hairdresser into beauticianNot sure what color to choose for your next coloration? Honey blond, brown auburn, mahogany, medium brown... Ask Belooky!Choose your favorite color in your palette, it will perfectly fit with your skin and eyes.
Belooky is your beauticianYou have a lot of lipsticks but you do not know which ones fit you?Consult Belooky!Belooky know how to make up, what colors to choose for your blush, your eye shadow, your lipstick or your foundation.
Belooky is a completely free application.
Belooky ‘s Features :● Your Customized color Palette (this palette contains the colors that put you in value considering your eyes, your skin and your hair)● Your full range of colors with the XXL Mega color Palette● Exclusive tips: makeup, jewels, accessories ...● A Super Calculator of harmonies to combine colors● All the features are accessible without Internet connection!● Automatic recovery of makeover checkups you’ve made for free on● Available in French, Spanish and English
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